Victory in Jesus

For the past few months, I have blogged consistently about the victorious Christian life. I’ve enjoyed releasing small sections of a new book that will release later this summer. We have been studying the writings of the Apostle John and his emphasis on being an overcomer, being victorious, as a believer.

On this journey, we have taken the last seven weeks to see “what the Spirit saith to the Churches” in Asia Minor. Later this week, we will see an all-encompassing promise to overcomers from the book of Revelation that functions as a summary. Thus, when this week finishes, we will have understood our POSITION as an overcomer in Christ and the PROMISES that are given to us. Next week, we’ll begin to unpack the PRINCIPLES John expected overcomers to live by.

Today, however, I just wanted to leave you with a few simple thoughts about living with victory in the Christian life:

  1. Victory in Jesus looks different from the secular perspective of victory.
  2. Victory in Jesus doesn’t grant an exemption for trials.
  3. Victory in Jesus isn’t attained by simply “trying harder” or “doing more.”
  4. Victory in Jesus is realized as an outgrowth of a faith walk.
  5. Victory in Jesus begins with salvation, continues with daily surrender, and is characterized by a sincere desire for sanctification.

Obviously, this list isn’t exhaustive, but it orients us toward a right direction. While your neighbor’s idea of “winning at life” may suggest a problem-free life, in the believer’s world, “winning at life” means walking each day with Christ, and growing through whatever obstacle comes our way.

It’s time to live like an overcomer! In the next post, we’ll jump back into the study of John’s theme of victory. Stay tuned.

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