Unknown but Important!

Growing up in Sunday school, most boys and girls will recognize the names of Moses and David. If you have sat in church for any length of time, you know the names of Peter, James, and John. What Christian hasn’t heard of the Apostle Paul?! These “famous” characters accomplished much with their lives – and we should take nothing away from that. However, the Bible also tells the stories of many “not so popular” characters who also are worthy of our notice.

I’m left-handed – and I think every one else should be! Perhaps that’s why I love the story of one famous judge in the Old Testament who took a huge step of faith. He’s not as well-known, but his life is just as important.

Ehud was a man who was very likely disqualified from military service in Judges 3. He was a man “left-handed” which probably indicated a crippling effect of some type in his right hand. He would be “least likely to be chosen.” Yet, as the Israelites were oppressed by the nation of Moab for 18 years, they prayed for a deliverer – and God chose Ehud.

I’ll spare all the details here, but I challenge you to read Judges 3 and see his story. He is the unlikely candidate who killed a (very) fat king named Eglon. Afterwards, he rallied the nation of Israel and God brought a great deliverance.

Here are a few takeaways that help me from that story:

  1. God does not choose someone for a great task based on their outward appearance.
  2. God still chooses the “foolish” to confound the wise.
  3. Little is still much when consecrated and surrendered to the Lord
  4. What the world rejects, God uses for His great glory.
  5. Physical limitations are not spiritual limitations.
  6. With God – all things are possible!

Unknown? Perhaps, but definitely important in God’s eyes!

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