The Power of Choice

So many choices…

Do you ever think about how many choices you make in a given day? What to wear? What to eat? Which route to take for work? Our days are the sum total of hundreds of seemingly insignificant choices.

Left or Right? It matters!

In the Rocky Mountains along the Continental Divide, there is a place where the waters of a small stream “make” a decision.

Some drops will go to the left; others to the right. Yet, the power of that choice is seen in the destination…Those drops will end up either in the Atlantic or the Pacific Ocean!

A Small Error

Korean Airlines Flight 007 left Anchorage, AL on September 1, 1983. It was a direct flight to Seoul. A slight human error pushed them slightly off course. Yet, it was so small – so insignificant – that no one even noticed the mistake.

…Until it was shot down over Russian airspace five to six hours later…One decision, one choice – and a severe tragedy.

Life: A Quarter at a Time

In the Christian life, we can emphasize that “one-time, major decision” to surrender everything. “I have forsaken all to follow Jesus.” Great!

But Lot did that too…Read Genesis 13 and watch Lot leave everything behind. He made the “decision to surrender.”

However, the Christian life is not based on those major decisions that are sometimes years apart. It’s based on the daily decisions we make each and every day.

Those decisions point us in a direction. That direction will lead to a destination. That’s the power of choice.

I’m not sure who gave the illustration, but it sums up my thoughts:

Someone has said we think of commitment to Christ like laying a $1000 bill on the table. “Here’s my life, Lord. I’m giving it all.”

The reality is that God sends most of us to the bank to cash out that bill for $1,000 worth of quarters. We go through life putting out 25 cents here, 50 cents there – small deeds of faithfulness and obedience.

Yet, it’s right there – in those seemingly small 25 cent choices that our lives begin to lean toward a direction. That’s the power of choice. And that’s why we need wisdom!

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