The Inheritance for Overcomers

He that overcometh shall inherit all things; and I will be his God, and he shall be my son.

Revelation 21:7

Today, it’s not uncommon to read or hear about the British Royal family in the news. Who could forget the announcement made by Prince Harry about his family leaving the working royals? How about their recent interview with Oprah? Just as the world had a fascination with Diana 25 years ago, the same seems true for her son, Harry.

Some have wondered if the youngest son of Charles and Diana could make it without the help of the Crown. However, the facts demonstrate that Harry will be just fine financially, without needing to touch the $5M of his wife, Meghan. How is this possible?

Harry’s mother planned ahead. Both of her boys received a $10M inheritance that would be held in trust until they turned 25. At that point, the fund would begin to pay each son roughly $450,000 annually. If Harry never worked another day in his life, if his wife never pursued acting, if they wrote no autobiographies or entered the speaking circuit – they would still receive nearly a half million dollars each year as part of his inheritance.

The amount of money is enough to boggle the mind! Yet, it is nothing compared to the inheritance reserved for the overcomer.

Setting the Context

In Revelation 21, John is coming to the end of the vision. He begins to describe the new heaven and the new earth that comes in the future. Additionally, the New Jerusalem is observed as it descends from the heavens.

This description of one of the final scenes is accompanied by various promises. A voice confirms that God is now tabernacling, dwelling with man on the earth. This promise underscores the truth of the redeemed enjoying the presence of God forevermore.

Secondly, all crying and dying, all sorrow has come to an end. Pain has ceased – all things have become new. The scene is surreal and full of hope as John compares the “what is” with “what will be.” God is making all things new.

Thirdly, the Alpha and Omega Himself promises to quench our thirst for all of eternity. The word that is so encouraging in this promise is freely – He will give us this drink freely (for He has already paid the price!)

At the end of these great promises, John inserts a sobering warning concerning those who will be unable to participate: the fearful, unbelieving, abominable, murderers, whoremongers, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars will be banned from this eternal kingdom.

Tucked in between the promises to look forward to and the warning to those who aren’t prepared to enter, John inserts one more promise to the overcomer, found in Revelation 21.7. Serving as a summary promise for what has been given to overcomers, John simply records these blessed words: Overcomers inherit everything!

In the next post, we’ll unpack the implications of this great promise.

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