Preparing for the Summer

The Beauty of the Summer Months
Summer is Nigh!

Life is filled with moments – seasons – of transitions. As the school year begins to wind down, it’s time to prepare for the next season, Summer. Transitions are tricky moments – opportunities for great times; obstacles for potential growth. How we navigate the transitions is vitally important. So, how should we prepare for the summer?

Decide to be productive

While summer provides some “down” time, some vacation for many, and some times to relax – believers still have a command to “redeem the time.” I’m not advocating going into the summer in full-on beast mode! But decide now – what would a productive summer look like? When school starts back up again, and we are sitting at Labor Day instead of Memorial Day, what will I want to have accomplished?

Is it reading a book a week? Is it learning a new language? Is it finally starting that degree program? I’m all for having some fun in the sun…in fact, my summer work week will be drastically scaled back this year. But God has also created me to work. Finding that balance is the responsibility of us all. When Labor Day comes, no one will say, “Mike – you’re a work-aholic!” However, neither should they say, “Mike, you were lazy all summer…”

Challenge: Choose 3-5 projects that would help you feel productive if accomplished by Labor Day.

Be “In the Moment” with Family

I’ve got some traveling plans with our family this year. We are looking forward to visiting our married children and both sets of parents. We will intentionally create some family memories. At the end of this summer, our third daughter will be off to college. The window of time to invest in her life while in our home is getting smaller.

Personally, this means that my “device-time” will radically altered this summer. When I’m vacationing or visiting family, I want to live in the moment. No distractions and no regrets.

Challenge: Determine now how you will create some unforgettable family memories this summer.

Remain Spiritually Connected

For many years, our church (and others) have challenged its membership with this slogan / mantra: “No summer slumps.” What does that mean? Simply put, transitions from one season to the next – especially summer – are moments where some go backward in their Christian journey rather than forward. They begin to skip church services, become less faithful in their giving, and Bible-reading becomes hit-and-miss. By the time Labor Day comes back around, these people are in need of a personal revival.

One of the ways to prepare for the summer is to make the decision now to remain spiritually connected. Concerning giving, can you automate it? Going on vacation? Locate a church in that city now so you already have a plan. Worried about faithfulness in God’s Word? Set up a reading plan and ask a trusted friend to check in with you throughout the summer. “No Summer Slump” sort of says it all!

Challenge: Determine today that you will not allow the change in routine to disrupt your spiritual connection with God, His people, and His Word.

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