Overcoming, Ch 1, Part 3

The Miracle of a Moment

For each of us, there are certain “red-letter” dates that mark highlights and memorable moments for us. Allow me to share a few of mine. August 17, 1972 is my birth date. I celebrate it each year (though now, I share that date with our youngest daughter, Maggie Joy). March 19, 1989, I preached my first sermon in church. March 5, 1995, I said “I do” to my wife, Jen.

Those are great dates for me. Yet, they probably mean nothing to you. Do you know where you were on March 19, 1989? I would guess the answer would be, “No.” After all, why would you know that?

There is one more date that is extremely personal for me as well: November 18, 1983. I can remember it like it was yesterday.

It was a Thursday afternoon and I had just arrived home from high school for the day. My afternoon was planned with neighborhood football and other teen activities. My dad, however, had other plans: “Tonight, we’re going to the revival service at your uncle’s church.” [Incidentally, this was the same uncle who helped me learn that I could not fly!]

Though I begrudgingly went that night, I left with great joy. You see, November 18, 1983, is the day I placed my faith in Christ. He became my Savior and I was given eternal life. My sins had been forgiven.

Perhaps you have a similar story. Someone came to your home and opened the Bible with you. You responded to a message at church. You were a teen at camp and understood the Gospel. We have our personal stories.

Most all of our testimonies have some similarities and overlap. I would imagine that each of us would have at least these basic facts in common:

  1. A realization that God truly loved us – even though we didn’t deserve it (John 3.16)
  2. An understanding that we were sinners compared to a holy God (Romans 3.10, 23)
  3. An awareness that our sin had a price attached that must be paid (Romans 6.23)
  4. A burden that our “very best works” can’t impress God (Ephesians 2.8-9; Titus 3.5)
  5. A recognition that Jesus has already satisfied God’s demands for payment (Romans 5.8)
  6. A prayer for confession and confession of sins (Romans 10:13)

Salvation is sometimes called the “miracle of a moment.” While we can recall these experiential moments described above that culminated in our calling out to God for salvation, much more – theologically – is happening.

When I called my grandparents after that revival meeting on November 18, 1983, I summarized the greatest decision I would ever make in my entire life with a simple sentence: “Hey Grandpa and Grandma! Guess what?! Tonight, I got saved…”

Those three words, I got saved, though probably not grammatically correct, were my summation. Years later, after hearing sermons, reading my Bible, studying theology, etc – one starts to realize that much is packed into that statement: “I got saved!” Let’s unpack it.

At the moment of conversion – this miracle of a moment – I was sealed with the Holy Spirit (Ephesians 1.13-14). The Holy Spirit is the seal…He is the mark of God’s ownership on my life. His sealing ministry reminds me that I have been bought with a price (1 Corinthians 6.20). I am God’s purchased possession.

I was given a spiritual gift (1 Corinthians 12.1-7). This gift(s) isn’t bestowed upon me for my selfish gain. God has gifted and fit me uniquely in His body so that I can glorify Him by edifying others.

I received eternal life (John 1.12). This assurance gives me great confidence as I live my Christian faith. I am not perfect, but I am redeemed. This eternal life isn’t just “I get to live forever…” – it’s greater than that. I get to live forever “with Christ.”

Yet, this is only the beginning. I’m also justified, meaning that I have been declared righteous (Romans 5.1).  I am being sanctified (2 Timothy 2.21). It’s predestined that I’ll be glorified (Ephesians 1.3-5).

My body is permanently indwelt by God’s Spirit, making me His temple (1 Corinthians 6.19). I do not have to go through a priest or any other human mediator to get to God – I have direct access (Hebrews 10.19).

Further, I’m forgiven and free from sin’s bondage (Romans 6). Yet, there is still another spiritual blessing. I am baptized – a word meaning placed into – Christ (1 Corinthians 12.13. I am part of His body. I have been raised to walk in a new life. I am a new creature (2 Corinthians 5.17) – all because I am “in Christ.”

If you have grown up around the Bible, then you recognize that each of these salvation principles can be a sermon in and of themselves! All of these blessings flow from the fact that we are in Christ – in perfect union with Him. He is the Vine…we are the branches. He is the Head…we are the body. Without Him, we can do nothing!

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