Overcomers in Laodicea

During this week, we have tried to understand the background for the city of Laodicea as well as the message given to this final church John addresses. Though this church was known as lukewarm, Jesus Christ still provides a promise to overcomers – a great reminder that the title “overcomer” is based on our position in Christ!

As we near the end of Revelation 3, we find this promise in verse twenty-one. Here, the promise to the overcomers is stated. To him that overcometh will I grant to sit in my throne, even as I also overcame, and am set down with my Father in his throne.

The incentive to the overcomers in Laodicea is an invitation to sit with Christ in His throne. As Christ makes this promise, He grounds it in the reality that He is an overcomer as well. Our position in Christ allows us to enjoy what He enjoys. Just as He is with His Father at God’s throne, even so we will also be with Him at the Son’s throne.

This promise is an extension of what was originally given to the Twelve, namely, that they would reign with Christ. Later, in the epistles, this promise was for all believers. We will rule and reign with Christ; we will judge angels; we are made unto Him as Kings and Priests – and we will be king for more than one day. We started this discussion about Laodicea earlier this week with a throwback to the days of childhood wanting a Burger King Crown.

Today, we have the opportunity to read about the royal drama everyday in our news. To mention a king, a kingdom, or a crown brings different mental images to each of us. But the promise here is much greater than the Crown Jewels in London. This promise for all overcomers is that we will reign with Christ – forever!

This promise is tied to the coming Kingdom. For the church that was under great difficulty now, the hereafter would see them victorious. What is amazing to me in this passage is that on one hand, Jesus speaks of spewing them out of His mouth (why? based on their practice). Yet, on the other hand, He speaks of them sitting with Him at His throne (why? based on their position!). In keeping with the other messages to these churches, the Lord has challenged His church with the proper perspective. They need not feel overwhelmed, because they are actually overcomers.

We have one more overcoming promise to study next week. Then, we’ll see four principles to help align our practice with our position in the upcoming weeks. Stay tuned!

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