Milestone: Ministry Transitions

Part of a great team of co-laborers at West Coast Baptist College

Jen and I have had the distinct privilege of serving at West Coast Baptist College and Lancaster Baptist Church for twenty-six years. Sometimes, we have to check our math to see if that’s really accurate – it seems so hard to believe. Over half of my life has been spent here in one church, with one pastor, serving the Lord together.

When we moved in August 1995, I was one week shy of turning 23. Our pastor had asked for a 10-year commitment to help get WCBC started. Ten years seemed like an eternity to a 23-year old! Most people have assumed we would die and be buried here. We’ve definitely put some deep roots down! Yet, now, 26 years later, we stand at a transition, a cross-roads, that is exciting for us as a family.

Our family has packed the house, and loaded the trucks, as we prepare to move to Michigan initially. After a productive ministry here in California, we are creating a semi-sabbatical for a few months as we pray about our next steps. Two of our daughters are married, and one is preparing to start her freshman year at Pensacola Christian College. For the remaining two at home, Jen and I are looking forward to spending time with them, traveling to see our other children, a grandchild, family, and speaking in different churches.

We are leaving some great friends behind in California. God taught us much about Himself and ministry as we served with Pastor Paul Chappell. We are forever grateful that he took a chance to invest in a young couple. He took a step of faith, poured his life into us, and allowed us to serve the Lord with a great team. While there is a part of our heart that is sorrowful, there is also a great sense of excitement and anticipation as we watch God direct our next steps.

For the immediate future, I’m grateful to teach online at WCBC this summer and fall terms as adjunct faculty. I’m appreciative of the opportunity to still have a small part of the ministry where God allowed us to serve for so many years.

Please keep us in your prayers as we begin the move to Michigan to be near Jen’s parents. Part of the future is still unknown to us – we didn’t leave WCBC for a new ministry. We are excited to take a journey into the unknown, knowing that God already knows where He is leading.

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