Finishing Well!

2 Timothy 4.7 – I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith.

One of the best ways to finish well is to start right! Once on the path, it’s easier to live with the end in mind. We often consider Paul’s words as an admonition to finish well.

Paul, in 2 Timothy 4, was anticipating the ultimate “awards ceremony” as the time of his departure was at hand.

All of us will eventually finish our path. What will help us to finish well as Paul did? Here are three principles that will help us all:

Have a passion for God’s Word

If we are going to cross the finish line as a winner, then we cannot neglect God’s Word. We must study it and hide it in our hearts. We need to love it, learn it, and live it!

God’s Word is a lamp for the next step, and a light for setting the direction. If you desire to finish well, take heed to the Scriptures.

Have a commitment for Godly Living

Holiness is not a fad; it’s a command! It must be a life-long pursuit. While many pursue temporary happiness – which often distracts them from a strong finish to the race they are to run – God calls us to pursue holiness.

A commitment for holiness has great implications on how we live this life – and how we finish it.

Have a spirit of Gracious Humility

Our world today gives itself too much credit! If we are to finish well, we should remember Who deserves the credit.

God resists the proud. He hates the proud look. BUT – He gives grace to the humble.


There it is…Three quick principles to take hold of. These three principles will help us to finish well.

  1. Be HUNGRY (for the Word of God)
  2. Be HOLY (in all our actions)
  3. Be HUMBLE (in our spirit)
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