Finding Grace for times of need…

In Hebrews 4, four invitations are provided to the believers to come to a place of victory and maturity. Each invitation begins with the phrase, “Let us…”

Hebrews 4.1 – Let us therefore fear…

Hebrews 4.11 – Let us labor therefore…

Hebrews 4.14 – Let us hold fast our profession

Hebrews 4.16 – Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.


In the very first post at this site, we looked at Matthew 26 and the night of Peter’s denials. He did not take the time to pray in the Garden, so he did not have the grace to stand in the moment. As the writer of Hebrews gives his word of exhortation to his hearers, he reminds them of the position they are in – they have a High Priest who understands their situation, and yet He has never sinned. He invites his readers to go to someone who understands because this is the type of person who can help!

Where do we go?

We are invited, not to a throne of judgment, but to a throne of grace. At this throne, mercy is extended to those who draw near. This throne of grace reminds us that we come to the King of kings (a throne) who alone is our Savior (He offers grace and mercy).

A child who has loving parents often goes boldly into their presence with no fear of judgment. He goes with his need and he is unafraid to ask for help. It is this picture that reminds us of how we humble ourselves as a child and enter into the awesome presence of our great God.

How do we come?

The answer is clear: We are to come boldly and consistently. The word translated boldly (parresias, παρρησἰας) was a word used in the Greek political world. Kittel called it an essential mark of the Greek democracy. This right to be so bold as to speak in the public arena belonged to the citizen alone. In like manner, our citizenship is in heaven and thus the right of bold access is granted. In Hebrews 4.16, the force of the verb gives the nuance of coming again and again and again. God’s grace will not run short in supply.

The High Priest in the Old Testament did not understand the words boldly and consistently when he entered during the Day of Atonement. He came with trepidation and he came annually. Believers today have access to grace for time of need – we only need to ask boldly.

What do we find?

At this throne of grace, we “obtain mercy” and we “find grace” that enables us to make it through the difficulties and times of need. Mercy and grace have much overlap and are often thought of as two sides of the same coin. We need mercy because we have past failures; we need grace for our present situation.


Do you have a need? Then Hebrews 4.16 gives some simple instructions. Know where to go – it is a throne of grace. Know how to go – you are a citizen of Heaven so go boldly. Know what you will find there – all the mercy and grace you need to make it through your time of need. But don’t just use this resource once! Come again and again and again…You will find the One on the throne has an abounding supply of this grace.

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