Celebrating Godly Mothers

We live in a day where motherhood is not always celebrated. When the institution of marriage is not considered sacred, then the privilege and responsibility of raising children is often not fully understood. It’s not uncommon in society today to read of people viewing children as “burdens” or an “obstacle” to one’s career. Yet, biblically, “children are an heritage of the Lord…”

Our children aren’t perfect – how could they be with me as their dad! Yet, they are all in church, they’re doing their best to follow Jesus, and they are a joy to their parents.

My wife, Jen, and I both had the privilege of being raised in Christian homes, with moms that loved the Lord. We realize that this gift is not afforded to everyone in our country – we don’t take it for granted. We were taught hymns, choruses, and biblical songs for children that began to ingrain into our thinking how great God is and how much He loves us.

We’ve tried to pass those songs on to our children as well, creating a generational link through music and the Scriptures. Today, our granddaughter is learning these same songs. That’s a heritage that money cannot buy. While I’ve worked hard to provide, I recognize my wife’s influence on our children in the home. She has counseled, prayed with, sang to, read to, and just been with our daughters. Their desire to serve Jesus has her imprint and DNA built into it.

So, today, as we celebrate Mother’s Day, here’s a shoutout to all the moms who are diligently pouring yourselves into the next generation. To our own moms, your labor hasn’t been in vain. To the mother of our children, your labor of love hasn’t gone unnoticed. To the children of godly mothers, today is the day to “rise up and call her blessed…”

Happy Mother’s Day!

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