Another Mile Marker for the Lester Clan

Friday night, May 24, the Lester family had another daughter graduating from high school! Katie has been enrolled at Lancaster Baptist School since her K-5 year. We are grateful for what God has done in her life.

Teachers make a difference

Somewhere I read that teachers don’t make a salary; they make a difference. There is an element of truth with that notion.

Katie has had many different teachers over her 13 years at LBS. Some she has really enjoyed; some have caused her to work extremely hard to understand the concept. Regardless of “favorite” teacher or not – all of them have left their mark of influence.

Family ties are strong

No family is perfect – including the Lesters! Yes, we have those moments when nerves are being trampled upon, and drama is prevalent! Sure, we have moments that may resemble the beginnings of WWIII.

Yet, through it all, “blood is thicker than water!” The last high school chapel, my 7th grader, Karlee, sang a solo. The other sisters were all there, pulling for her as her biggest fans!

I’m thankful that Katie has had a supportive family structure. From grandparents, to sisters, and her parents – she has been given a great gift from the Lord.

God’s grace is sufficient

While we are thankful for school and family support, we are most grateful for God’s unfailing promises and His grace that enables His children to not become “weary in well doing.”

Every stage of life brings its own share of unique challenges. Katie has learned to this point, that no matter the difficulty, God’s grace is always sufficient.

The future is bright

The future is as bright as the promises of God. Katie has enjoyed dual enrollment during her senior year of high school. Consequently, she has a good start on her first year at West Coast Baptist College.

Katie has a sweet spirit, a strong voice, and a sincere desire to make a difference for Christ. While we, as parents, have no idea where God’s ultimate destiny is for her in life, we are excited about the direction He is taking her.

Katie – mom and I are proud of you, and love you greatly. We appreciate your spirit and good work ethic. We’re excited about seeing you start those “college years.”


Some of you who read have already raised your children. Others, are just starting their families. Some are wondering who to start that family with! Regardless of where you are in your journey – one principle is the same for all of us:

“Without the grace of God operative in our lives, we are headed for failure. With a commitment to follow His guidance and access His grace, the luster of this world will fade in the light of His glory.”

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