A Word Fitly Spoken

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Probably all of us have had that awkward moment when the cliche “I stuck my foot in my mouth” described us perfectly! Most, if not all of us, have been on the receiving end of hurtful words. David found himself in this situation in Psalm 12. The words of the enemy were overwhelming him. He found comfort, not in their words, but in the words of the Lord – pure words.

Words do have power. When a word is fitly spoken, it has the power to change someone’s life. Let me share three quick illustrations:

  1. My senior year in high school: I had surrendered to preach – but didn’t fully understand what that meant. My Christian high school teacher, Mr. Conner, asked me if I was going to Bible college upon graduation. I told him probably not. I then said it was not necessary – after all, “Peter and John were ignorant men and they turned out ok!” (Yep…I said that!). Undeterred, Mr. Connor asked me: “Mike, do you want to make an impact with your life? Then consider Paul…one of the most educated men of the New Testament. Give God something to work with and He will amaze you.” That word, fitly spoken, changed me.
  2. My junior year in college: I’m sitting in a Baptist History course with Dr. Mark Rasmussen. We have finished the lecture a few minutes early for the day. So, he takes a moment and encourages each of us about serving the Lord. There were about 7 of us in the class. Here are the words I remember: “Mike, I can see you teaching one day…” That word, fitly spoken, changed me.
  3. My senior year in college: My sister, who was also a student at the college, said these magic words, “Mike, I know the girl you should date…” That word, fitly spoken, changed me! In about a month, we will celebrate 24 years of marriage together.

Words have power. They can definitely hurt – but they can also be used to make an impact. Choose your words wisely!

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