3 Steps for a Great Easter

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Easter is one of the holiest days of the year for Christians. Even for those who rarely go to church, Easter is one time when they at least are considering. So, how do we plan to have a great Easter?

Invite Everyone; Bring Someone

This has been the prayer at Lancaster Baptist Church this season. We want to invite everyone but we want to bring someone. Having someone sitting in church with you will definitely help you enjoy this season a little more.

Who can you invite this week?

Release bitterness and forgive

The empty tomb screams “Forgiveness.” Jesus has paid the price for our redemption. If that is true – and it is – then how can we not forgive others during this week? Offering forgiveness to someone who perhaps has wronged you will help you enjoy this holy season.

Is there someone you should forgive this week?

Be Soul Conscious

You’re inviting friends and neighbors. You have made sure that there is nothing between you and any other person. What next? This Sunday, there’s a good chance your church will have guests who are searching for truth.

A soul-conscious Christian who is basking in God’s forgiveness will have opportunities during this season to win people to Christ. Pointing someone to Him does help us enjoy this season just a little more!

Are you ready to lead someone to Christ this week? Would looking over those great gospel truths this week be helpful?


That’s it…Nice and simple. Pray and ask the Lord to allow you to have a guest in church this week.

If there is a need to forgive someone, let’s do it quickly so our prayers aren’t hindered nor is the Spirit quenched this week as the gospel is preached.

Throughout this week, be spiritually alert and cognizant of the fact that God is working in the hearts and lives of those around us.

I look forward to hearing the great reports of how God works in each of our churches this week!

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